Flexible object-oriented API (Application Programming Interface)

HorizoN‘s platform-portable graphics API (Application Programming Interface) provides a robust library of C++ classes and functions that streamline the creation of rich and dynamic visual applications. With its extensible C++ classes, developers are empowered to derive their own object-oriented classes directly from HorizoN.

Supports Industry Standard Formats

HorizoN Scene Manager



HorizoN Scene Graph key features

By providing a truly cross-platform, scalable environment, HorizoN is simply the most productive commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) toolkit available for real-time 3D application development. HorizoN is based on HorizoN Scene Graph, Virtual Angle BV ‘s advanced cross platform scene graph API and includes the HorizoN Editor GUI configuration tool to accelerate the creation and delivery of your real-time 3D applications for simulation, training and general visualisation.