The HorizoN technology allows the development of solutions for a variety of applications ranging from the Industrial sector to the ones related with the Defence and 3D visualisation systems. HorizoN was created to be used in complex systems such as flight simulators, GIS, monitoring and control systems, communication and design solutions and a variety of institutional applications.

HorizoN provides a solid framework to create software capable of terrestrial, maritime or aerial scenes. Due to its real time 3D visualisation capabilities, HorizoN aids the definition and optimization of customized solutions. HorizoN technology gives the user a clear perspective of the scenes and objects with a high level of detail and system interaction.

With an increasing number of complex algorithms, an environment of easy navigation for any user, an interface that promotes work and facilitates the performance and attribution of tasks and an open architecture (with higher capacities of adaptation, alteration of the software structure and integration with other software of modular form), HorizoN technology has great advantages to adapt to several sectors and to the specific requirements of each user.

Thus, HorizoN becomes a tool of enormous potential when adapted to an industrial environment monitoring several aspects of industrial processes in real time.