Special Handheld based Applications in Difficult Environment – SHADE

Demonstration of positioning solutions and services in dense urban and indoor environments.


Brief Description
Satellite navigation has become an emerging and important positioning source for a wide range of applications, many of which going much beyond the traditional transport sector, i.e. personal mobility including dense urban, indoor, and outdoor applications which are addressed in SHADE.

Practically all of the current applications rely on the GPS signals, sometimes also exploiting regional or local augmentations for better accuracy. As applications also move into safety-critical or other areas where service reliability is of concern, users and services providers alike are becoming aware of the importance of service qualities and ultimately guarantees. As a first step, an integrity signal is already to be provided with the EGNOS service. From Galileo FOC (Full Operational Capability) onwards, full-scale service guarantees will be possible with GALILEO on certain signals.


With the SHADE project TeleConsult Austria, Telespazio, and Utopika are addressing novel applications in the non-transport sector that improve availability of continuous positioning solutions in dense urban and indoor environment. Thus, SHADE provides safety and security enhancements for personal mobility applications. The ultimate objective is to have the proposed applications ready for operational exploitation in parallel with the introduction of the advanced European navigation satellite infrastructures (EGNOS and GALILEO) in the time frame 2004 to 2008. Next to the performance evaluation also the potential for revenue-generation will be analysed.

shade_hresProject Partners
TeleConsult Austria, Austria (lead)
DigiUtopika, Portugal
Telespazio, Italy

European Space Agency (ESA)

Successfully completed in 2004

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